Deckham Community Association was formed in 1979 to represent everyone within the community. In 1983, after several years of campaigning, the original community centre was built on the present site to provide the association with a more appropriate base. Prior to this the association had operated from a ‘community house’ at 17 Hendon Road provided by North Housing Association.
In 1987 negotiation took place involving the community association, North Housing and Gateshead MBC. The outcome of this was that Deckham Community Association Management Committee would in future become trustees for the project, North Housing would withdraw and Gateshead MBC Community Education Service would now provide support. An Area Community Education Worker would be based within the project to support, offer advice and guide the committee, the project would receive an allocation of part time hours and the committee would receive funding through the grant aid scheme. These arrangements remain in place today.
Deckham Community Centre operates on an ‘open door’ policy this means services offered are available to all members of the local community and also the wider community throughout Gateshead. Deckham Community Centre is committed to involving all local people within the community. It does not discriminate and try’s to ensure that everyone is treated both fairly and equally. Deckham Community Centre has a policy of encouraging voluntary involvement & work. This is so that local people can play a more important role in their community as well as access training & learning opportunities.

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